The story behind Société-X

About 16 years ago I founded Société-X.
I missed the style and elegance in the erotic events on offer at the time. I often thought it was too ordinary, not classy at all.

So i changed that. And with a vision that I was going to set up an event that was certainly not accessible to everyone we started Société-X.  Only stylish, enthusiastic, spirited people, combined with beautiful clothing, quickly caught on with a younger group of open-minded people and it became very popular.

My goal is to always give people a warm and personal welcome. Intimacy, personality, warmth. That is why I introduce people to each other at an event. I am happy to offer you a drink and make you feel welcome. We connect people. We make sure you make new likeminded friends.

Don’t stay in the cage, just take the key in your hands. Live the life you want and surround yourself with like-minded people. It has brought so much to my life, and I wish you that, too.

16 years later I see that many erotic parties imitate my concept and that makes me proud.
My mission is to bring eroticism to a higher and more beautiful level, and with more organisations that follow our example more people can enjoy eroticism in a beautiful elegant way.

It’s my promise to the esteemed members and guests, to give them an experience unattainable anywhere else ✨ I am eternally grateful to our members for furthering the cause of erotic freedom. Without your bravery and belief in our society, continued growth and evolution would not be possible. I don’t take a moment of this journey for granted ✨ and will continue to give back what has so generously been given.✨

If you questions, please contact me via: and I’m happy to awnser them.