Worship the Light

The event is expried

This is turning into a party for 450 people. Champagne bottles will pop. DJ’s will have us shaking our asses from daylight into nighttime. Our Amsterdam residence is perfect for ‘Worship the Light’. The ladies guest list is over the top amazing, thanks for all your applications! There are fantastic new couples who are joining us, welcome! Société members you are in for a treat, as we loosen our bowties and have some fun. This party is going to be legendary ladies and gentlemen, we can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s the Summer of Love and your tuxedo is definitely not required. It’s obviously going to get wild at this venue in Amsterdam at the water.
You love eroticism. You think about it all the time. You want to live your fantasies. Be authentic with your desires.

We want to celebrate the longest day in June: sun, summer, love, water, ladies and couples who desire to experience the erotic party of your wildest fantasies There is dancefloor with great view over water in Amsterdam.

Lounge area’s, and even a darkroom to fulfill your upscale dreams. Everything is possible, nothing is required. Imagine a night of erotic revelry beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

We offer you a free included BBQ at the start of the party.

The echoes of our celebration shall reverberate out into the universe, spreading a message of love deep into the cosmos. Worship the Light!

Ready to celebrate life to the fullest. Come together in this surpising venue in Amsterdam, converse and live out your fantasies of erotic freedom. Or maybe just dance and smile with likeminded friends because that’s wonderful also. There is no rulebook this summer, other than consensuality and always asking before you touch, so make these experiences whatever you desire them to be.

Guests: 450
Time: 18h00-03h00
Dresscode: Ladies in summerdresses, gents in stylish summerclothes. No tanktops! Dress properly.
For when the sun comes down: There are also lockers, to change into sexy lingerie (ladies only) if you desire.

Once inside at the party you experience what few ever do, for only here is the fantasy made real.

Event Detail

01/06/2019 18:00
02/06/2019 03:00