On a boat

The event is expried

We will surprise you with small-scale fun outings, where you can meet other members of societe x in a fun setting.  Social X is a private platform where likeminded people connect authentically,and via this platform we are offering features and opportunities not available for people who dont have a  membership.  Our mission is erotic freedom, and this and this fun, unforced small event contributes to this misson.

13 july in Amsterdam, we rent an open boat, for max 50 people.
The idea is that we will sail for four hours through the picturesque canals of our capital. A relaxed Saturday afternoon in the summer. Our goal is that like-minded people get to know each other in a different way. Perhaps a erotic party is a bridge to far, than this event is perfect for you. Getting acquainted, chatting, letting your hair blow in the wind, the sun in the back, a drink and who knows what nice people you meet. Ultimate freedom on the water. Just mingle and meet-up. Talking and having a laugh. Just sail!

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Event Detail

13/07/2019 15:00
13/07/2019 19:00