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A seductive twist on reality

This is an experience not to be missed, a true bucket list adventure. You may think you’ve seen everything under the sun, but nothing can prepare you for a night at Societe X.

Our erotic events are a seductive twist on reality, making the provocative playful and the forbidden electrifying! Leave inhibitions at the door, let loose and marvel in a sexy thrill ride full of sensational acts and naughty fun.

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Societe X events have reached a level of sensual fulfillment most only dream of.
Visit Societe X and unlock the door to erotic freedom and enjoy the sweet taste of a hedonistic serving of forbidden fruit. Meet eachother and connect and to enjoy the one life you have to its fullest.

Upcoming Events

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Worship the Light

Worship the Light

Hosted in a club at the water. Incl BBQ for all our guests. Dont miss this special event. 450 guests.
The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

9 november in Nijmegen will be one of those legendary Société X nights hosted in a beautiful castle.
On a boat

On a boat

13 july in Amsterdam, we rent an open boat, for max 50 people. Ultimate freedom on the water. Mingle and meet-up.
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